Our Doctor of Medicine, Ayurveda experts m.buğr Öktem gives seminars at companies and universities.
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Quality of Life with Ayurveda
Balanced Diet According to Ayurveda
Ayurveda with 0 Performance Increase (this seminar, company employee job performance would be effective in a particular way and increased teamwork maximum power).
Workshops are tailored to your needs and expectations.
Due to our experience of the seminar to be held in the following circumstances, cause the removal of the most successful results.
Our offer price for you, is determined according to your needs and seminars number.
The seminar features:
45- 60 minutes
Includes interactive sections (personal structure of the participants is illustrated by way of example)
Per group of 25 persons will be ideal results
Participants 1-page special tests are distributed by us
Seminar café-break is complete without giving
Please contact the Merkezimiz'l for more information and need them to appropriate programs.