First you have to determine what kind of physical and psychological structure as Ayurvedic, - There are signs of the disease and who does not occur, but your disease by detecting the formation stage; treat using natural treatment methods, - Healthy and you can take a happy life in every sense Customized Diet, Daily Routine, suggest Yoga and Fitness, making cellular cleaning in the true sense of our periodic detox program Young and help you stay in shape, - the stress load on you social life eliminating harmful effects, keep your physical and mental health in consistently good condition to improve your business success by increasing your productivity and ensure your happiness in parallel private life.
Your health level increases your risk of disease is reduced,
Your body slows down the rate of aging,
More energetic and light you'll wake up,
Your excess weight, you first get rid of the fat loss,
Your blood counts recover, cholesterol and lipid levels are reduced,
The metabolic organs (even for chronic disease), especially
Significant improvement happens in the liver and pancreas values
Results of psychological relief heal your private life and relationships,
Increase the motivation and discipline of life saves,
Results of physical and psychological form height increases your confidence,
You use your mental and physical capacity in the most efficient manner,
Your success by increasing your physical activity to increase muscle performance,
Develop effective and quality communication,
Your concentration power increases,

You begin to look at life more positive and positive, 

Born in Tarsus, Mersin. After completing his secondary education in Tarsus American College and continued his education at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine.
In 1990, after graduating from medical school he completed his compulsory service relative to the Giresun province.
Later, between 1992-2005 Antalya, Kemer and Marmaris worked as a doctor in the tourism sector. Meanwhile, he completed a variety of services to improve the quality of the program be certified.
Dr. Mr. Grant Öktem, while the experience that gave the patient is under constant control of how soon began to research the ways you can healthy and happy patient as a whole.
Trips abroad in Turkey since 1998 and began to study the different natural treatments in different countries. Herbal remedies in Germany, Austria, France, and made investigations in the Far East. Because it attracted the attention of Ayurveda health perspective, he went to India to learn the outlet of the subject. Ayurveda in India here by the Ministry of Health adopted Gujarat Ayurved Best in Univercity began studying in 2002. In 2004, participated in the seminar of the National Ayurveda. Then in 2004 in India Ayurveda in Kerala University Hospital and practices in the region and made famous private Ayurveda studies on herbal medicine production. This study aimed to serve the accumulation of Nisantasi-Istanbul in May-2006 Rasayana opened the Living Arts Centre. Ayurveda is based in the center of the world has begun to be implemented successful methods from various regions. Each year, regularly follow the research to go to university where she completed her education in India, participated in the seminars, sharing their experience with the treatment, Professor at the University of Turkey, is launching a new treatment and programs in Istanbul.
Due to the traffic problem, since Jan. 5, 2015 Levent Loft continues to treat new place in 2 buildings.
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